Our History

Founded in 2010LIFEbar began out of necessity. In his 20s, Founder and Co-Owner Chase Barmore (@mrlifebarstruggled with allergies but couldn’t find relief through traditional medicineWhen he began learning about the profound affect nutrition can have on the body’s overall health, he knew he had to make some changes. 

After adopting a low-calorie, plant-based, nutrient-dense diet that included superfoods and adaptogens, Chase’s allergies disappeared, and he found he had more energy and generally felt better than he had his entire life. He decided he had to share this life-changing approach to wellness with others, and LIFEbar was born.

Already a successful entrepreneur, Chase opened LIFEbar’s first location inside a local health food store and began selling juices and other drinks designed to heal and sustain the body from within. 

Co-Owner Jamie Barmore (@ladylifebar) fell in love with the LIFEbar concept and joined the company full time in 2012. She has years of experience in the culinary service industry and fine dining, having worked alongside outstanding chefs in Louisville and Baltimore. Jamie is also an accomplished ceramics artist with a lifelong passion for yoga, health, and wellness. Her drive and boundless creativity have elevated LIFEbar to become the premier lifestyle brand it is today.

She expanded the retail menu from a limited selection of drinks to include prepared meals and delicious smoothies that quickly became top sellers. The huge in-store success of her custom-designed smoothie drinks led to her to develop a new line of best-in-class protein mixes that are now bringing the LIFEbar experience to homes all over the world.

Today, LIFEbar supports holistic wellness by offering nutrient-dense foods to busy people on the go through two retail locations in Louisville, KY and online.

Jamie continues to expand LIFEbar’s products and transform the brand from a local mainstay to a global powerhouse in the health and wellness industry, while Chase continually works behind the scenes to enhance operations and e-commerce sales.