Our Story

The LIFEbar brand is built on the belief that whole, nutrient-dense food is the best medicine, and that anyone can achieve total body wellness with the right nourishment. 

At LIFEbarwe’re sharing our deep experience and understanding of fresh, organic, raw ingredients to help changpeople’s relationship with food, one meal at a timeWe’ve set out to prove that optimum nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated and boring. It can be simple, quick and taste amazing. 

Because we believe a healthy lifestyle should be accessible to everyone, we make it easy for you to take back your health. We empower you to be the best version of yourself by offering wholesome, delicious smoothies, smoothie bowls, cold-pressed juices, superfood lattes, house-made nut milk, soups, vegan treats and more in our retail locations

And now, you can bring the LIFEbar experience home with our superfood protein mixes. Unlike bland, processed protein powders that are diluted with fillers, our plant-based mixes are made with the purest heirloom ingredients. Infused with whole, raw foods like sundried cacao and authentic Madagascar vanilla beans, you’ll taste and feel the difference. 

LIFEbar is committed to helping you not only enhance your health today but sustain a lifetime of wellness.