Immune Lineup

Let LIFEbar be your line of defense this upcoming season. 

Starting with the IMMUNE SHOT REGIMEN- this is our most intense shot and not to be taken lightly. With one full ounce Cold pressed Organic Ginger Juice, 1 oz of fresh pressed lemon juice, and 1 oz of organic wheatgrass juice. This dynamic shot will alkalize your whole body, reduce inflammation and leaving your inner organs, your cell, inner organs and digestive tract thanking you.

Next up is our fiery buzz worthy HOT SHOT. This remedy is an instantaneous cure for those suffering from symptoms of sore throat, stuffy nose, aka cold or flu like symptoms. It has also been know to help out with other inflammation issues such as back pain or digestive discomfort. It’s a favorite amongst Louisville musicians. 2 oz of hot water, 1 oz of fresh pressed ginger juice, 1 oz of fresh pressed lemon juice, a teaspoon of raw local Hosey honey 🍯, dusted with 10,000 btu cayenne pepper. 

Next up we have the HOT REISHI CAPPUCCINO this is also a fan favorite of the Local music scene. The immune boosting qualities from the reishi mushroom, the stamina and chi building qualities of the He Shou Wu adaptogen aid in this healing tonic. The raw cacao packed with rich dark chocolate flavor, tons of antioxidants and most importantly phenethylamine which is a compound that is said to be released in the brain when we are attracted to some one as well as having natural pain and stress relieving properties. Finished with raw coconut oil, giving this drink a creamy consistency, while healing the body from the inside out.

Next up we have our classic 2 oz wheatgrass shot. Which is the equivalent of 5 lb of green leafy vegetables. Perfect for relieving inflammation and alkalizing the whole body. It’s even been proven to aid in weight loss. Perfect for daily use and keeping your immune system on track. 

Lastly we have our signature LIFEbar HEALER smoothie, one of our most popular drinks. Its bright and delicious smoothie flavor profile, is the perfect solution to what ever ails you or just keeping your immunity in check daily. The combination of the ancient Chinese adaptogens Reishi and He Shou Wu work together to delivery immune boosting function, longevity, anti-imflamitory, anti-aging, cardiovascular function among many wellness attributes. The bold organic Peruvian organic maca used offers a super packed punch of stamina building, having over 8 essential amino acids, Vitamins b-1 b-2 c & e, Calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, potassium; they call this a superfood for a reason. A simple blue berry banana base smoothie is the perfect compliment to the nutty warming flavors of the Healer mix. Making this a crowd pleaser for sure.